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Tenis Feminono for Treino AO Ar free Academia Masculino Esportivo Designes Hoister

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R$ 249,90
Ou 12x de R$ 24,94
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N ° 34-insole 22,8 cm
N ° 35-insole 23,0 cm
N ° 36-insole 24,0 cm
N ° 37-insole 24,5 cm
N ° 38-insole 25,5 cm
N ° 39-insole 26,0 cm
N ° 40-insole 27,8 cm
N ° 41-insole 28,0 cm
N ° 42-insole 29,0 cm
N ° 43-insole 30,5 cm

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Running shoes casual and sport hoister are produced with material excellent quality aiming bring to our customers a product with maximum return in comfort and quality with an affordable price that fits inside the pocket from our customers. Running shoes hoister are ideal for use in all moments everyday because your comfort is unparalleled, this tennis suits pants, shorts or shorts and why be well discrete goes well everywhere where wish go. Running shoes hoister are ideal to use for practice exercises, drills in gym, hiking, track, for cycling, racing light and more. With a novel design running shoes casual sport hoister ensure the best posture necessary to practice your workouts or even for use in everyday No feel pain foot.

Shape size:

Free size fashion our shoes is standard national, if have doubts regarding the correct size for you browse our size table between photos ad.

Colors and models available:

To see all our colors and models available is only you go in "see more ads seller", per there you may go adding one a products desired the cart.

Buy color and numerações different:

To buy color and numerações different just use option “add to cart” for all products you want buy and after all products added finalize the purchase one time.

Check below the materials that make up the shoes hoister and our imprint:

Leather external: fabric metallacê-fabric with elasticity ideal for shoes quality

Leather inner: liner with special foam for shoes and fabric goufre-providing the forração footwear for maximum comfort may your feet deserve.

Insole: insole 4mm E.V.A lined with fabric-the 4mm Eva makes this shoes is shaping the curved toes and leave the footfall much more neutral.

Outsole: micro expanded non slip-free Micro expanded antiskid is a type material that features microbolhas air that leaves the outsole super light and soft, plus all comfort that provides that sole is slip resistant not let you slipping down your hiking or drills.

Medium weight footwear: 700 grams a pair shoes (Tam 43) -shoes extremely mild that leaves-excellent to use for drills in academia, walking and everyday.

Additional: Box, tissue paper, tag and invoice

All numerações available no ad are available prompt delivery.

Purchase information
-Check the address when for make the purchase.
-Product prompt delivery with immediate shipment.
-Real photo from our product.
-Product sent boxed individual brand.

Tips conservation

Switch the Use Your hoister ensuring maximum return no damping system.

Reducing odors, let your hoister rest in spot Airy for at least 12 hours after using. Is recommended also use antissépticos.

Hand Wash, use mild soap, no bleaches or detergents. Clean Only party outside. After clean remove soap with a damp cloth.

Never use washing machine, nor let your hoister sauce or enxágue-the faucet.

For drying, put your hoister in shadow with soled down. Do not use dryer, hair dryer, drying machine or oven. Not put behind the refrigerator or exponha-the heat intense.

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Tenis Feminono for Treino AO Ar free Academia Masculino Esportivo Designes Hoister

R$ 249,90

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