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Raquete Assassina De Mosquitos Elétrico

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Product Detail:

Name: Four-in-one folding electric mosquito swatter
Battery life: 15-21 days(Non-continuous use, only daily use for mosquito control before going to bed)
Charging time: 3 hours
Mesh material: inner aluminum mesh, outer nickel-zinc iron mesh
Outer packaging process: PP
Whether it is scalable: scalable
Rotation angle: 0-180°
Light source type: UV lamp tube
Power: 5W
Battery capacity: 501MAh (inclusive) -800MAh
Mosquito attracting and repelling method: light wave mosquito attracting + electric shock mosquito killing

High domestic sales and good quality

Three ways to eliminate tattoos, making it easier to kill mosquitoe

Realize mosquito control in various rooms and scenes, free your hands, and make mosquito control more intelligent

Whole house automatic mosquito swatter

Stronger mosquito control + safer + longer battery life

360 ° No dead angle against mosquitoesMosquito control efficiency increased by 100%

New superconducting electric shock mosquito net is to not back

High-power grid, one-shot kill, solves the problem of incomplete mosquito control in ordinary low-power grid.

The mesh surface is attached to the wall design, so that mosquitoes have nowhere to escape

The innovative staggered grip design makes the electric fly swatter fit the wall better, which solves the problem that the common electric mosquito swatter on the market does not stick to the surface and causes mosquitoes to escape.

Quiet mosquito repellent, allowing you to rest at night with more peace of mind

Innovative low-voltage mode, the sound of killing mosquitoes is lower than 25 decibels, silently, and automatically kills mosquitoes at night, giving you a quiet and mosquito-free night

Hanging receive prevent children touch

Three-layer protection grid, only electric mosquitoes but not people

New energy battery long life

The charging time is 4-5 hours, and the large-capacity battery can only be charged once in a summer

USB universal interface to a variety of charging ways

Support a variety of charging methods: charging bank/computer/mobile phone charging head

Product Size

Double safety switch, safer to use

When killing ants, it is necessary to turn on the power switch and then turn on the work button. Avoid unintentional touch and electric shock.

Diamond-shaped mosquito control grid, so that mosquitoes have nowhere to run; 3000V high pressure,Let mosquitoes be electrocuted instantly

The latest nano-level purple light to attract mosquitoes

Cold cathode light source, trapping technology. The real nano-violet light wave is more precise, more stable and more durable.

Smart mode, no need to manually kill mosquitoes

Open the new function of mosquito control, actively induce electric shock, free your hands, and give yourself a good working environment


Raquete Assassina De Mosquitos Elétrico

Raquete Assassina De Mosquitos Elétrico

R$ 164,90

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